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Testing and Administration

Testing and Administration

Welcome to the Squadrons Testing and Administration page.

This page along with the sub-pages that you can find when hovering your mouse over the heading of this page, will enable you to be successful when advancing your education and training.

Cadets, here is a link to the CADET SUPER CHART. This Chart outlines everything that you need to complete in order of you to be eligible to earn a CAP Cadet Rank.

Online Testing:

To advance in the Cadet Program and become eligible for promotions, cadets complete online achievement tests. These tests have 25 questions per test, selected at random from a question bank, and all questions are multiple-choice/open book. You get 30 minutes to complete the test and you must earn and 80% on the test in order to pass.

Test Integrity:  An honor statement will buttress the integrity of the testing program in an open-book environment. Before beginning an online test, cadets must agree to the following:

I certify that I am Cadet (Name). I will complete the following Cadet Achievement Test on my own, without help from another person. My only resource for this open-book test will be my cadet textbooks and class notes. [By clicking below,] I reaffirm my commitment to our Core Value of Integrity.

Milestone Tests:

For Cadets wishing to take a Milestone test, you must contact the Squadron’s Testing Officer or Assistant Testing Officer (see Squadron Staff page for current listings) at least 48 hour before a Squadron Meeting starts. If you do not, then you will be ineligible to take a Milestone test for that meeting. If you contacted and heard back from the Testing Officer that you can take your Milestone test, you will start your test around 1830. You will be allowed to continue to take your test past 1845 when the meeting starts, up too 1930 as you get one hour to take the Milestone test.

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